Stay Fit and Healthy by Joining Fun Run Activities

Most of the time I run for about 20-30 minutes a day 3 times a week and sometimes I do join fun run. Fun Run is actually an event where a group of people run together for a cause. This kind of event is a very good way to keep yourself motivated on exercising because on my own opinion, you would not want to embarrass yourself during the race and get cramps while running if you happen to come unprepared. So what you do is you condition yourself and pick the category that you think you can finish.

Most Fun Run’s are fund raising with a cause. Its usually a means to help for charity foundations, human rights campaigns or socio-economic rallies. So joining fun run indeed is a good thing both on your health and to specially for the beneficiaries of the event. Fun Run is also basically a Social Event. Thru that, you get to meet lots of people. Believe me some are girls looking for boys and boys mostly looking for girls. (Ok now – i’m, guilty). Well that’s the fun part actually. But really, this is an event much awaited by people who are competitive runners, fitness enthusiast, sports fanatics, social activist and of course, people like me who are health-cautious and a fitness boxer (at the same time). Other than running there are also fun activities after the race like awarding activities, fun games and meeting new friends who might not just be interested in running but in fitness boxing or overall body health as well.

There are two major Fun Run Activities in the Philippines this month of February. First is the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 at the Bonifacio Global City February 21, 2110. Beneficiaries will be UNICEF and WWF (not the wrestling thing). You can see the details by visiting their website at Century Tuna Superbods Fun Run Event. The second one is DZMM’s TAKBO PARA SA KALIKASAN Year 11 at the Quirino Grand Stand February 28, 2010. Its beneficiaries will be our mother nature (its actually a tree-planting project) so if you feel interested you can also check it out at their website at DZMM’s Takbo para sa Kalikasan Fun Run Event.

We can get a lot of benefits for our own health just by simple but cause-oriented activies such as this one so i encourage you to join this fun run activity. I can assure you it will be fun and what’s more? You can be sure you have something to do burn those excess fats in a fun way! It also makes sense since it will help lots of needless people too. My advice is to run with your family if you can invite them to run too, friends or even loved ones to make it as enjoyable and healthy running event that is much memorable.

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